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Welcome to my website!


A quick snapshot of who I am:

I am born and raised in Melbourne, Australia.

3 of my passions in life are Travel, Photography & Success.


I was brought up like the majority of people in Australia. Go to school, do well in school, go to university, graduate, get a job that pays well, provides security and room to grow, and then work to make money.

I did this. But not for too long. After getting the job I studied 4 years in University for, I soon realised this isn’t for me. I was working in a cubicle, with fluorescent lights and surrounded by paperwork.

At the time I was suffering from chronic lower back pain and was miserable. My body and mind was telling me to get out! Make a change! Quit and live life on your own terms.

While I was working my desk job I was thinking of ways to escape this kind of future. I was researching what I could do that was aligned with my passion at the time and make a living out of it. I had this crazy desire to travel the world but I also had a strong desire to start a business in the hope of becoming financially free. As I was super passionate about fitness (I still am)  I decided I could start a sports supplements business.

So I quit my job. I had two options right now… start the new business or travel the world. After finding what I thought was a good location for my shop (cheap rent and situated in close proximity to gyms), I decided I would start the business and then travel later.

Now is the later!

After building up my business over 3 years, I sold it.  My wanderlust had taken over me by this stage and I was ready for my first real travel adventure. I had been on “holidays’ previously, but I had never “travelled”. After selling my business I have started an investments company, social media marketing agency and been involved in property developments and real estate sales. I have created freedom in my life so that I can travel the world and follow my dreams, while helping others to do so too.

Over the past 24 months I have visited 16 countries, 41 cities/towns and created lifelong memories and friendships.

I found I had a passion for photography and I want to capture the moments to share with others.

I have created this website to share with you all my experiences in travel, my photography and success in all areas of life.

My mission is to inspire and influence people on a personal and global level and show them how to live a fulfilling life to their highest values.

My website and business will provide people with the knowledge, resources, tools and mindset to balance all 7 areas of life and to live a life filled with love, gratitude and wealth.

Those 7 areas being:

  1. Mind Development
  2. Career
  3. Financial
  4. Family Structure
  5. Social
  6. Physical Health and Well-being
  7. Spiritual